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CPGToolBox | Helping CPG Manufacturers Solve Trade Promotion Management Problems

Oct 2, 2017

Today, Doug Louken, a veteran of the manufacturing industry and a refugee from spreadsheet hell, is going to share how CPGToolBox’s Volume Forecasting feature can speed up and optimize an otherwise mind numbing process.



  • If you want to see everything a cloud-based TPM solution has to offer, you can...

Sep 25, 2017

Why should CPG Manufacturers build and manage trade promotion on an interactive calendar?


When you put your planning data into a system, it's quicker, more organized, and more easily inputted than a spreadsheet – but, more important than all of that, it is broadly visible to the various departments within...

Sep 18, 2017

75% of CPG manufacturers still track their trade promotion activity on spreadsheets.


If you're a CFO and you're watching that, you probably have a great deal of nervousness. You might have two or three hundred million dollars in the fields tracked on a spreadsheet, and the possibility of error is significant.